6 Creative Writing Exercises For Boys And Girls

Creative writing reinforces children’s imaginations. There are different experiences that are directly linked to words.

Poems with short acrostics

This type of poetic composition is structured around a word whose initials determine the beginning of each of the verses. As a reader, the child can discover multiple compositions in this format that reveal beautiful words as a surprise.

It is possible to choose an idea that the child loves, for example, write an acrostic inspired by a special word for him . Perhaps your name or that of a loved one.

Text plus image

The child can write a short story that he personalizes with a drawing that is related to the content of the narrative. Visual information and the written word give rise to a story that can be framed to decorate a space at home.

Create rhymes

Not all poems have rhymes, however, this type of musicality is especially liked by children. The words that have a finish that harmonizes by their common characteristics, attract the attention of children.

How to play with words from a poetic perspective? Creating rhymes from an initial word , which maintains this connection with the terms presented later, is a fun exercise.

Write an alternative title

The stories accompany children in this stage of life. The title offers a first approach to the content of the story through this synthesis. However, once the reader has discovered the details of a work, they have information to imagine that story from another perspective . Finding an alternative title for a story is a project that can be shared as a family.

Autobiographical writing

The newspaper and the letter are two genres that are directly linked to life. The author of a text shares information about himself through this process. In the case of a message sent via postal mail, the recipient is a friend or family member.

On the contrary, the journalist writes down simple details of his day-to-day life. For example, if the child has celebrated his birthday , he will comment on some of the details of this day on the page.

Make up a short dialogue

Children’s stories and stories are made up of different characters. Protagonists who give voice to a plot in which there is space for interaction, communication and understanding. Creating a simple dialogue between two characters is another possible creative writing exercise for children.